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        The uDraper Unreal Engine real-time cloth simulation plugin was created by the triMirror team based on our extensive knowledge and experience in real-time cloth simulation, 3D garments design, materials, and Unreal Engine development. We’re thrilled to be able to help you make your characters’ clothes look as incredible, and behave as true-to-life, as the rest of your gorgeous avatars, scenery, and stories.


        triMirror was founded in 2010 in Toronto, Canada with the idea to make trying clothes on online possible for consumers. After years of research and development, we had created the world’s first real-time cloth simulation and multi-platform 3D virtual fitting solution.

        triMirror’s virtual fitting technology is uncompromising: for the first time ever it is accurate, real-time, 3D visualized, animated, beautiful and entertaining, and valuable to both shoppers and brands. It implements the first real-time solution in the world that allows the try-on of real clothes on real-dimensioned avatar bodies, and which allows the user to see where the garment is tight or loose and how it behaves when they move around in various ways before purchasing.

        It was created to be used online and streamed in real-time from the cloud, on tablets and phones (you can even use your finger to adjust the fabric and fit), in-store (with gesture control and 3D facial scanning), as well as to minimize sampling and streamline the entire supply chain using our 3D Draper tool for designers. An ecommerce showcase increased conversion rates by 35x and decreased returns by 30%. Below are some examples of how it has been successfully in omni-channel environments, which have been featured in Forbes, USA Today, HuffPost, CBC, TIME, and BBC. 



        In 2020, with the pandemic’s acceleration of fashion digitization, the actualization and growth of the metaverse, and increasing requests for an application of our solutions to other industries, triMirror began to expand into designing for games, animation, and other virtual worlds. All the years we’ve spent working with real-life garments fitted onto real people has enabled us to create apparel design tools for such 3D environments while maintaining the ultra high fidelity (both physical- and photo-realism) of fashion pieces and outfits.