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        240503 - UE 5.4 support

        Added support for UE 5.4. See also

        Note: There is a known Epic's issue, which results in the "Missing String Table Entry" text showing for all the warning and error messages in 5.4 projects. 
        There is a way to fix this problem but it has to be done manually for each 5.4 project. The fix is described in the "Missing string table entry" chapter in this document.
        Hopefully, Epic will fix this issue in the next HotFix.

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        230324: Support for MD-2024 and UE5.4 Preview

        Added support for 
        • Marvelous Designer 2024
        • UE5.4 Preview

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        240302 - Fixes


        • Geo cache auto saving
        • Grades importing from CLO


        • Do not override binding on garment's stitches
        • Garment's scaling initialization and application
        • Text encoding issue during export from MD
        • Importing materials with invalid names
        • Degenerate triangles on garment's boundary
        • Timeout during movie recording with real-time sim

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        240109 - Import zipper's tape from MD

        • import zippers from MD and CLO (tape only)
        • improve cinematic presets import 
        • customizable stretch bias

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        231226 - uDraper Cinematic, Puffer clothes with Cinematic, Actor layers

        • uDraper Cinematic is available for open trials.
        • Negative pressure for puffed clothes
        • Fixed handling transforms of static collider meshes (rigid bodies)

        Other improvements

        • support actor's layers
        • fix issue with cached materials

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        • Material Editor:
          • color mask
          • copy and paste
          • improve handling of fabric preset files and minor bugfixes
        • Import:
          • MD 10 support
          • import dialog visual improvements
          • fix hanging and errors on some garments
          • import color mask from MD
        Other improvements and fixes.

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        230914 - UE5.3, Geometry Cache

        • Support for UE 5.3
        • Capturing of native Geometry Cache (see
        • Physics preset files
        • Wind Actor properties in Sequencer
        • Other improvements and bug fixes

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        230714 - Hot fixes

        • IMPORTANT: Fixed import from MD 12 (previous build regression)
        • Fixed the issue with textures in Shipping build UE 5.1 and 5.2
        • Other minor fixes

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        230709 - Bug Fixes and Improvements


        • The handling of international characters in folder paths for MD import has been improved.
        • The synchronization of simulations has been improved when starting movie rendering.
        • The error report related to complex topology (number of connections per vertex) has been improved.


        • The wind direction for the groom has been fixed for rotated characters.
        • The empty dialog at the end of the MD import has been removed.

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          230526 - MD 12.1 compatibility

          • Compatibility with MD 12.1
          • Touch support for Grip
          • Stability of MD import
          • Performance drop during animation in the Editor
          • Errors with non-ASCII characters in MD texture files
          • Crash when changing SkeletalMesh asset

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