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        240109 - Import zipper's tape from MD

        • import zippers from MD and CLO (tape only)
        • improve cinematic presets import 
        • customizable stretch bias

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        231226 - uDraper Cinematic, Puffer clothes with Cinematic, Actor layers

        • uDraper Cinematic is available for open trials.
        • Negative pressure for puffed clothes
        • Fixed handling transforms of static collider meshes (rigid bodies)

        Other improvements

        • support actor's layers
        • fix issue with cached materials

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        • Material Editor:
          • color mask
          • copy and paste
          • improve handling of fabric preset files and minor bugfixes
        • Import:
          • MD 10 support
          • import dialog visual improvements
          • fix hanging and errors on some garments
          • import color mask from MD
        Other improvements and fixes.

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        230914 - UE5.3, Geometry Cache

        • Support for UE 5.3
        • Capturing of native Geometry Cache (see
        • Physics preset files
        • Wind Actor properties in Sequencer
        • Other improvements and bug fixes

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        230714 - Hot fixes

        • IMPORTANT: Fixed import from MD 12 (previous build regression)
        • Fixed the issue with textures in Shipping build UE 5.1 and 5.2
        • Other minor fixes

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        230709 - Bug Fixes and Improvements


        • The handling of international characters in folder paths for MD import has been improved.
        • The synchronization of simulations has been improved when starting movie rendering.
        • The error report related to complex topology (number of connections per vertex) has been improved.


        • The wind direction for the groom has been fixed for rotated characters.
        • The empty dialog at the end of the MD import has been removed.

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          230526 - MD 12.1 compatibility

          • Compatibility with MD 12.1
          • Touch support for Grip
          • Stability of MD import
          • Performance drop during animation in the Editor
          • Errors with non-ASCII characters in MD texture files
          • Crash when changing SkeletalMesh asset

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          230513 - Support for UE 5.2

          • Support for UE 5.2
          • Fixed TSR for 5.2
          • Improved MD import 

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          230510 - Bug fixes and improvements

          • Simulation suspension by timeout.
          • Soft Binding.
          • Update Binding default settings.
          • Fix crash after simulation stop.
          • Other bug fixes.

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          230429 - Heatmaps, Streamline building of C++ projects

          Added: heatmap materials with stretch resistance.


          • Building of C++ projects
          • Plugin deployment into subfolders
          • Handling complex topology in imported garments
          • Folder cleanup process for importing garments


          • Rigidity Gain physical parameter
          • Saving override material in runtime

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