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        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        User account and subscriptions

        Some user indeed experience problems creating a new uDraper account. In this case, please send your first and last names and registration email using the Contact Form . We will create an account for you. 

        User should create only one account. Registering duplicate accounts is not allowed. For more information, please see our terms of service.

        If you did not receive registration confirmation email, please check your Spam folder. If you can't find it there, please contact us directly using the Contact Form.

        We offer a Free 14-day trial for all uDraper registered users. For detailed information please watch this video.

        The Indie subscription may only be used by individual (non-enterprise) creators. For other users we offer Enterprise subscription. If you breach the terms of the Indie license, triMirror reserves the right to suspend your license without notice.

        For all types of subscription we offer Free 14-day trial and a package of example garments.

        You should be able to find your License ID and downloads links in your user account. See also this video

        Follow these steps to cancel your subscription (unsubscribe).

        1. Log into your uDraper account.

        2. On the Licenses tab, click on the active subscription you wish to cancel.

        3. Click "Cancel my subscription".

        4. Confirm the cancelation.

        5. Note the status of the subscription changed to Canceled.

        Keep in mind that cancelled subscription cannot be re-activated. However, you can purchase a new one.

        See also this video.

        In case you cancelled a subscription and want to subscribe again, you can always purchase a new one. Free trial is not available for the second and further subscriptions.

        You can purchase as many subscriptions as you like. Please contact us about volume discounts.

        You can cancel your monthly subscription and purchase a one-year prepaid license.

        Currenty we provide only subscription-based services.

        If you cancel you subscription during the 14-day trial period, you won't be charged anything.

        If you cancel your subscription, the license will still be active until the end of the subscription term, but it won't be renewed at the end that term.

        Simply cancel the subscription and it won't be automatically renewed.

        Installation and Activation

        The list of supported versions of Unreal Engine can be found here

        You can install your plugin version manually as follows:

        1. Open the 3D Draper installation folder and find the UE subfolder that contains the plugins for different UE versions. I.e. "Program Files (x86)\3D Draper\ue".

        2. Copy the corresponding version Draper folder into your Engine\Plugins folder, or your project's Plugins folder.
          Note, the plugin for UE 5.1 is in the 501 folder, UE 5.0 - in 500.

        See also the installation guide to help you with the installation process and this video Manual plugin installation

        Unreal Engine path should be registered in Windows so that Installation program can find it.

        You can install your plugin version manually as follows:

        1. Open the 3D Draper installation folder and find the UE subfolder that contains the plugins for different UE versions. I.e. "Program Files (x86)\3D Draper\ue".

        2. Copy the corresponding version Draper folder into your Engine\Plugins folder, or your project's Plugins folder.
          Note, the plugin for UE 5.1 is in the 501 folder, UE 5.0 - in 500.

        There is an installation guide to help you with the installation process. See also Manual plugin installation

        You can activate your license from the Unreal Engine plugin:

        1. Launch the Unreal Editor and enable the uDraper plugin. Restart the project if required.
        2. Add the Draper Simulation component to your character and find the License section in the details. There you will find the controls to activate or deactivate your license.

        See also this video


        Yes, you can migrate your License ID to another computer. However, you cannot activate your License ID on another machine in less than six-hour period.

        Check the following steps:

        • Make sure that you put correct license ID without spaces and other symbols.
        • Make sure you have active internet connection and our host is available.
        • Check your Firewall settings.

        If issue persists, please contact us directly.


        You need to make sure your Draper collider and/or Draper Simulation component is parented to the Body of your MetaHuman character, not Blueprint.

        Also make sure that your collider mesh is configured correctly.

        Using uDraper plugin

        The cloth simulation takes some time to initialize. So, if your animation sequence starts with fast movements, the simulation may not catch up. If that’s the case, consider slowing down the first few seconds of your animation. E.g., start from a static pose, or add some slow movements at the beginning.

        We try to explain it in this tutorial.

        Animations can start from any pose but if you do it in real time, you need to allow a couple of seconds for the simulation to initialize. So, depending on whether you're using animation in sequencer or an animation asset, you better have some gradual transition. When you render a movie, this shouldn't be a problem. See e.g.:

        The garment falls on the floor probably because it is not positioned on the avatar. Try following these steps:

        1. Position the garment on your avatar in A-pose. Turn the wrapping on.

        2. Before running an animation in real time, allow a few seconds to make sure the simulation has started. Otherwise, your avatar can move too far while simulation hasn't been initialized.

        3. Start your animation.

        This shouldn't be an issue when you render a video because the rendering will wait for the simulation to initialize.

        No, currently it doesn't support packaging. It runs in Unreal Editor. If you want to ship a standalone app or a game it is not supported out of the box. Please contact us and let us know how would you like to use it.

        uDraper should work for any skeletal mesh with limitations outlined here: Quick start guide

        It is a false positive. uDraper files do not contain any malware.

        Some files, however, are encrypted to prevent reverse engineering. Your Windows Security or Antivirus programs cannot read encrypted files, and may flag or block them from running.

        Encrypted files are digitally signed to insure they won't trigger false positives. Please check your version Designer.exe file Properties - Digital Signatures to make sure your copy is legit. 

        If you experience this issue, please let us know, and for the time being, exclude the following files from your Anti-Virus scan/live protection list:

        • Program Files (x86)\3D Draper\Designer.exe
        • {Your_UE_Verions}\Engine\Plugins\Draper\Alloy\peers\physics-remote-service.exe
        • {Your_UE_Version}\Engine\Plugins\Draper\Alloy\peers\garment-cooker.exe
        • {Your_UE_Veersion}\Engine\Plugins\Draper\Alloy\peers\lead-client.exe

        Refer to this page on how to Add an exclusion to Windows Security

        No, uDraper requires Windows OS and NVidia GPU. See System requirements

        Since 220717 update, Geometry Cache is used for the Draper Garment component by default. This requires Used with Geometry Cache option to be selected in your UE material if you are using Override Material option. 

        Export and Import

        Please refer to Using clothes from Marvelous Designer or CLO tutorial and watch related videos.

        Please pay special attention to the steps you need to take when exporting your garment in OBJ format.

        The only way to use Daz clothes as-is, is with Wrapping: Clothes in Unreal Engine sans skinning - Part 2 - Reallusion Character Creator & DAZ.

        However, Daz clothes exported as OBJ have issues. It is preferable to export it as FBX and then convert to OBJ in Maya.

        Make sure you export one single garment at a time and there is no separate pieces like belts or scarfs. Also there shouldn't be any buttons, buckles, zippers or other Trims nor OBJ stitches. 

        You can check your OBJ file in other 3D software. For example, in Maya, use Mesh - Separate command to see which parts are not welded. If the mesh is welded correctly, Maya won't be able to separate your mesh. 

        Another example: Open your OBJ file in MeshLab, and use Select Connected Components tool. If your mesh contains non-welded parts, you will be able to selected them separately as in the image below.  If your mesh is welded correctly, you will only be able to select the whole mesh.

        Make sure your Scale is set to centimeters (100%) when exporting from MD/Clo.  See Exporting garments from Marvelous Designer in OBJ format

        You can also try to use "Recalculate edges' length" option


        • Make sure you have Scale in centimeters when exporting OBJ files.
        • Try to use "Recalculate edges' length" option

        Please make sure you export one whole garment where all the pieces/patterns connected.

        An easy way to check whether your model is weld is to try separating it. You could use Maya or other tools to test whether your mesh can be separated.

        Welded mesh will not be separated into pieces. For more information please watch video from this tutorial: Exporting garments from Marvelous Designer in OBJ format.

        Alternatively, you can use a garment without simulation just with wrapping: Using clothes in OBJ format without simulation.

        If you're getting "Skeletal mesh asset is invalid" message when you open a level or starting the simulation, make sure you don't have any characters without skeletal mesh (Skeletal mesh set to None) that contains Draper components as in the picture below. You either need to delete such characters or delete their child Draper components.


        This error happens when some vertices of your OBJ mesh have too many connections. Try to simplify your garment to avoid many patterns (pieces) connected in one single line or a single point.

        Make sure your Groom hair simulation is enabled in the Groom Asset Physics settings and in your Level - Groom - Simulation Settings - Solver Settings section