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        230126 - Hot fix for erroneous message

        Fixed "erroneous" <MISSING STRING TABLE ENTRY> message.

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        230123 - Meta Colliders

        : MetaColliders for some MetaHuman characters and APose. They are located in the Plugins > uDraper Content > extra

        • UV-wrapping algo
        • Groom Wind stops when game stops 
        • Other minor fixes and improvements


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        221228 - Important fix for 221225

        Improved: Simulation sync at the beginning of movie rendering.

        Fixed: An issue with dramatic performance drop when starting a game/rendering for some clothes.

        Other fixes and improvements

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        221225 - Draper components' auto-setup, Cache playback offset, etc.

        1. Automatic Draper components’ setup for Skeletal Meshes using  +Add  button

        2. Simulations Cache playback time offset

        3. Simulation Action buttons in Blueprints
        4. Grip options (Hard and Soft) can be toggled at runtime using Shift-key.
        5. Garment’s auto-reload after saving at runtime or export from 3D Draper
        Other bug fixes and improvements

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        221126 - Path Tracing back-side, Wrinkles, etc.


        1. Fabric's back-side rendering mode selection Separated/Embedded to support more accurate back-side rendering in Ray Tracing and especially Path Tracing modes.

        2. Wrinkles control using a normal map 

        3. Garment scaling

        4. Delaying Movie Rendering until simulation gets initialized.
        5. Simulation Cache clean-up when new cache files are recorded.


        • Normal maps orientation for the fabric's back-side
        • Other minor fixes and improvements.


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        221109 - 5.1p2 support, Wind Actor, OBJ import options, etc.

        • Added
          • Support for 5.1 P2
          • Wind Source Actor
          • OBJ import option for edges lengths reset
          • Support for 3D Draper-generated OBJ files
          • New options for translucent materials: 
            • Surface Translucency Volume (old)
            • Surface Forward Shading (new)
          • API for buttons and zippers
          • Grading and scaling widget
        • Dropped support for 4.26 and 5.0 EA
        • Improvements
          • 3D Draper Migrated to 64-bits
          • Detailed feedback from licensing service
          • Various minor improvements
        • Fixes
          • Jittering for imported OBJ files
          • Various minor fixes

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        220926 - Phys. properties, Wind, Custom UV, etc.

        • Added
          • New physical properties: Damping, Drag, Thickness, Bend Stiffness
          • Wind control
          • Import custom UV maps
          • Garment folders' relative Paths support
          • Folding settings dialog for multiple internal lines 
        • Fixes/Improvements
          • International character support for paths and file names
          • Geometry artifacts during wrapping
          • Back surface rendering when using Override Material
            NOTE: Materials' requirements are updated. See this video tutorial and 1.b, 1.c, 1.d here Using native UE materials
          • Garment order
          • Vector directions for Gravitation and Floor
          • Сonsumption of materials' resources optimized
          • Material presets loading in 3D Draper

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        220717 - TAA Ghosting, OBJ import improvements, bug fixing

        • Added
          • Support for TAA, MB and other temporal effects. Eliminating "ghosting".
          • Action Buttons for Simulation Component in Blueprint Editor.
          • Garment order control in the Action section
          • Action button icons


        • Improved:
          • Import OBJ files exported from Blender.
          • Import OBJ files with non-Latin file paths. 
          • Cloth thickness processing in Hardware Ray Tracing mode

          • Note: If you use your own UE material and Geometry Cache is selected for the Draper Garment, you also need to select Used with Geometry Cache option in your UE material.

        • Fixed
          • Garments' order when some clothes are disabled.
          • Physical parameters Save/Load/Restore functionality.
          • Geometry initialization error when starting Standalone in HW RT mode
          • Simulator settings controls (Gravity, etc.)

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        220530 - Bug fixing


        • Crashes related to the skeletal mesh initialization.
        • Physical properties not displayed correctly with Override Materials

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