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        220530 - Bug fixing


        • Crashes related to the skeletal mesh initialization.
        • Physical properties not displayed correctly with Override Materials

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        220521 - Bug fixing and improvements

        • Fixed 
          • Collider error when using high LOD. In general, using LOD higher than used for collider mesh is not recommended.
          • Handling of Physical Properties in Draper Editor when using "Override Material" option.
        • Improved
          • OBJ import (expanded support for non-standard materials)
          • Running UE warning during installation
        • Other fixes and improvements

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        220407 - UE5 Release 5.0, Native UE Materials

        • Updated to Version 5.0.0 - build 19505902 - UE5 Release 5.0
          • Note: there is no support for UE5.0 Preview; be careful when updating
        • Added 
        • Improved error messages.

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        220403 - Morph targets, Translucency in UE5, other fixes

        • Fixed
          • Garment transformation with Ray Tracing in UE4.
          • Work with Morph Targets
          • Translucency in UE5
        • Improved error messages.

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        220328 - Emissive materials, updates notifications, other improvements

        • Added
          • Support for emissive materials.
          • New version notification.
          • 3D Garment archive import.
          • Support for Draper Collider component in Path Tracing
        • Fixed
          • Draper Garment component rotation.
          • C++ build for UE5.0 P2
        • Improved OBJ import diagnostic.

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        220308 - UE5.0 Preview 2 support, Improved OBJ import

        • Added support UE 5.0 Preview 2
        • Improved import of OBJ garments
        • Minor issues fixed

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